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You know that your web presence is vitally important for your business development. Now it is a matter of having a website that stands out. The main goal of Ashworth Consulting, Inc is to create a top quality website that meets your needs.

How to get started?

Step 1: The consultation

The initial consultation may either take place by phone or in person. We will discuss your website in full detail. You will be asked several questions regarding your business objectives. We will want to know what goals you plan to achieve with your website.

Step 2: The proposal

After discussing your project in full detail, we will provide a written proposal for you to review. At this time you may choose to add or remove items. If items are changed, we will send a revised proposal. Once in agreement we will begin the scheduling process.

Step 3: Scheduling and timeline

In order to put our full focus on the creation of your website, we will put your project on our schedule. A 50% deposit is required at that time. Once your site is scheduled, Ashworth Consulting, Inc will provide you with a timeline. The success of your website depends on your involvement. The timeline will have a detailed list of items needed prior to starting your website. This list may include logos, color schemes, images, slogans and various other brand-related details. Your website design will be created based on these materials.

It is important for you to follow this timeline closely. It will keep the project moving forward as well as keep you informed with the progress of your website.

Step 4: Design and optimization

Consistent and constant stream of communication between you and the designer is important. Design is one of the most important steps of the project. Open communication is the most valuable tool during this process.

This is also where we do Per Page Optimization. At this stage of design we ensure that important content is placed on the pages as well as in the code to help with search engine ranking.

Step 5: Preview link

Before your site goes live, we will provide you with a private preview link. We will discuss basic design concepts that may be tweaked or adjusted to truly represent your business. We will also answer any questions you may have.

Step 6: Testing

Once the project is finished we test it at temporary server to make sure it looks the same on different monitors and in different resolutions, at this stage most of possible bugs are trapped.

Step 7: Publishing

This is the most exciting part of the project. This is where your website with its great design is ready for the public. The website is ready to attract a new audience to your business.